Sunday, July 7, 2013

40 Days of Yoga: Breaking Down the Barriers to a Home Practice

"What does it mean to practice at home every day?

It means you move, mindfully.
It means you breathe, mindfully.
It means you simply be, mindfully.

The what of practice ceases to be important, as the how supersedes everything else. Because the how is the yoga."

You want a home yoga practice, but you don't have one. Why is that? Perhaps you think you don't have enough time or space, the people in your life don't support you, you don't know what to do or you feel guilty about spending time doing something just for yourself.

This book had me hooked after the review I read by Sara Foley.

You will find that Forty Days of Yoga teaches us that they are not reasons but excuses and those excuses stop us from from having the kind of practice we need, that we benefit from on all levels.  If you are looking for that space you most desperately need on all levels, this is a book that would benefit you. It is a practical tool.

I know I am a bette person because of my practice. It has taught me discipline. It has taught me how to be mindful. I am more present. More aware. I love everything there is about yoga, and this book is a wonderful way to get started on your own.  Enjoy the journey!

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