Friday, November 9, 2012

How High Are the Stakes for You? | | Kim Anami

I like Kim Anami.  Some people don't because they don't feel uncomfortable with her genre of what she does.  While I may not agree with her across the board on her philosophy, I do think there is some relevance to what she says and teaches.  I do agree with what she says regarding her recent posting which I've linked to.  I can say this because I've experienced it first hand.  Believe me when the stakes are high and your hand is forced- you become truthful in a very painful way that the only way I can explain it, is in the same way you would cauterize an injury.  You do it to heal. Yes the truth sets you free. No, it isn't easy. Yes there is pain sometimes very extreme. And yes, things change- even the ones you call friends you surrounded yourself with.  I think it's relevant not just in your relationship with someone you love but in your life in general.  The stakes were very high for me two years ago and worth every penny of it! I'm glad it happened when it did because I'm not sure I would have ever realized it otherwise.


How High Are the Stakes for You? | | Kim Anami:

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