Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ichiro Is My Hero....

photo credit: Debbie Wong

 "Suzuki Reaches 4,000 Hits As Yankees Gain in Playoff Race"

These were the headlines that hit me when I opened up a copy of the New York Times this morning.  I had already watched the game on ESPN the night before.  Now for some of you this may seem like I'm totally running in the other direction with this post since it's regarding sports and all but it really goes beyond that. I've watched Ichiro languish, so to speak, in Seattle with the Mariners. I was a little surprised and honestly felt a little betrayed when I found out he switched teams- especially to the Yankees. (I'm not a huge A-Rod fan.....) but really once I thought about it, it made sense. He wanted to be part of a winning team after all he played for the Mariners for 11 years. He did his time and he tried.  So now those of you that aren't sports fans are saying, "Get to the point already."

Ichiro Suzuki exudes himself as a very humble man. (point #1)  Maybe it's his Japanese culture, I'm not sure but he definitely is the opposite of A-Rod. He expressed he was quite surprised  when his teammates poured out from the dugout to embrace him, forcing the game to be halted for several moments. He made attempts to stop the celebration but heck it's the Yankees and frankly the Yankees do whatever they want.

The second thing that struck me is when they conducted his interview. He addressed the press in his native tongue, in Japanese. he used an interpreter.  He is very proud of his heritage.  His impact to his homeland I can see being phenomenal.  He didn't try to fit into American standards and speak English, not that he can't but he was true to who he is and he's very comfortable with that. (point #2)

Of course I don't know him personally but what I see of his demeanor in the public eye, looks good. Humility and a strong sense of self. That is a good role-model!

photo credit: Debbie Wong

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