Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knowledge is a Powerful Tool!

To all my female friends out there please watch this!
I've been studying this huge rise in breast cancers over the last 10 yrs and the estrogen dominance condition that we all are effected by in our country combined with toxicity from over 80,000 chemicals introduced into our environment since I've been alive. All this makes up the perfect cocktail for many diseases not just breast cancer. Nadine Artemis speaks with more clarity and compassion then anyone I've heard speak on the subject....Knowledge is power....pass this on to all the moms and daughters you know so the real facts about the nature of this disease can be known and a new discussion can take place because if the medical establishment and the pink campaign really wanted a cure, the awareness of the cause needs to be given to the public.
B Well and seek the truth.
Watch part 2 following this one, part 3 coming soon!

Proactive lifestyle will be the only change you will ever need!

Live well,


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