Friday, December 7, 2012


(C.J. Hobgood, Teahupo'o. September issue, 2005. Photo: Brian Bielmann/SPL)
 I was in a yoga class the other day  when the instructor shared about his only experience in going to church. On that day, the preacher said: "God don't like no lukewarm. God likes cold. God likes hot. But no lukewarm."
Now I'm not sure if God likes cold because what I remember is God likes passion.  This I can relate to. I can also relate to the NO lukewarm thing.  I like it a lot, in fact you could say I'm hot for it.  I think this relates to every aspect of our life not just in a spiritual way- though I think if you have your spiritual side right- your going to see the rest of your life fall into line. because you're grounded, your centered.
How many times have you had done things half heartedly? Didn't want to do something but said yes anyway? Maybe you were tired, but said yes anyway.
Don't engage in half-measures. Pick a side. And commit. Are you living your life half-committed- to your kids, to your spouse or partner, to your work, to your health, to your workout.
Go big or go home.
When you see a big wave surfer charge a wave he doesn't go half way and then decide not to follow through. He's already committed. Let's say you ARE tired, but you decide to engage. Switch on, be present and connect. Or, if you say no, be kind and honor yourself and whom ever your saying no to, whether it's your spouse, kids or your job. The only way you can tap into your life, is if you are wholly present and vulnerable. In each encounter; this has to be re-won, this journey to openness. To softness. It's not only the ability to move forward and DO and GO but it's cultivating an ability to let go,  to say no when you have to.  To NOT do things in a lukewarm manner but to live deeply with passion. If I remember correctly that is why God doesn't like the lukewarm.  We should not be lukewarm in any area of our life. It's the journey there that is the work
You're either in or you're out. Which are you?

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